MI REFLEJO (English Translations) : False Hopes [Falsas Esperanzas]

False Hopes [Falsas Esperanzas]
Written by Jorge Luis Piloto

No, oh oh, oh no, hey
I don't believe you no

Don't tell me, everything you're thinking
Don't tell me, no
Just tell me, how much you want me
Oh, from the heart, oh

Of love you don't know anything
And that is my pain, oh ohh
I hoped I was wrong
But I know I'm not
That's why baby

Don't give me, false hopes
Don't deceive me no, oh oh
Don't tell me, how much you love me
I don't believe you no, ooh ooh

I don't want, to be another on your list
Or in your collection, ooh oh oh
I'm not a doll that doesn't have an opinion
That's not me, no no no

But if you're talking seriously
I'll listen to you love, oh no no no
And I'll put you to the test of time
That's my condition
That's why baby


False hopes (ooh), I don't believe you love
False hopes, I don't believe you love